Beginning November 1, 2012 Microsoft Office Workshop

Participants Receive a Complimentary USB Flash Drive

All workshops are tailored to the experience-level and needs of participants.

Word Processing and Desktop Publishing

Microsoft Word

Learn how to create attractive and effective professional-looking documents using Microsoft Word. This workshop focuses on the basics of word processing and improving your productivity with styles and template. The workshop emhasizes making the best use of the main features of Microsoft’s premier word processor.

Microsoft Publisher

Use Microsoft Publisher to produce ‘story-based’ documents. Newsletters, brochures, flyers, community and church bulletins are all natural tasks for desktop publishing. This workshop focuses on producing single-and multi-page documents ready for reproduction and mass distribution.

Data Management and Analysis

Microsoft Excel

Excel is Microsoft’s “calculator on steroids.” Learn to apply Excel to your data analysis and calculations. Use templates and formula calculations techniques to turn business data into strategic information. Create data driven graphs to produce visual data snapshots. Our Excel workshops include shortcuts and techniques for enhancing your excel productivity.

Microsoft Access

In our Access workshops learn how to design and implement desktop database solutions for your small business and specialized data handling needs in large enterprises. Access is Microsoft’s desktop relational database manager.

Visual Basic for Applications(VBA)

Learn how to program and extend office applications beyond there original design. VBA is the language of Excel macros and is a powerful tool for enhancing Access database applications.

Planning and Note Taking

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is an incredibly versatile application for storing, organizing and managing information that you know you will need handy, but maybe not right now. Learn the many ways that OneNote can help make your day more productive.

Project Management

Microsoft Project

Schedule and monitor projects from beginning to end with Microsoft Project. Learn how to set up your project file before recording any task or resource details, how to reuse basic information for many projects.


Microsoft PowerPoint

For presentations of any length to audiences of all sizes, Microsoft PowerPoint give you the tools to create more special effects than any one person could ever wish for. Learn how to use these special effects to create presentations the support and convey the message you want to deliver while avoiding the pitfalls of overworking those same special effects.