Microsoft Access Workshops

Microsoft Access workshops introduce participants to using Access as a data management tool. Sudbury Training offers three levels of Access workshops with content designed for participants new to Access, those with some familiarity with Access basics, and those who need to develop sophisticated Access applications for themselves and their co-workers. Depending on participant need and experience, custom content can be provided. The workshops emphasize hands-on practice for enhanced learning. Workshop content and duration are customized to meet participant needs.

Prior knowledge

Participants should be familiar with using Microsoft Windows using both mouse and keyboard and may already be using Office applications like Word or Excel.


This workshop introduces participants to the Access user interface, and to the fundamentals of using Access as a relational database manager. Topics include:

· understanding your data

· creating and using simple tables and queries

· working with field properties

· comparing data management in Access and Excel

· relationships and data integrity

· finding and filtering data.

· creating simple forms

· creating simple reports

· printing data


This workshop is for participants who have a good understanding of Access basics and need to enhance their data management skills. Topics include:

· using action queries to modify data

· modifying query joins for data analysis

· designing and using sub forms to improve data display

· enhanced reporting using sub reports.


This workshop is for participants who are designing database applications for themselves and others. Topics include:

· custom switchboards

· splitting the database

· multiuser considerations

· using form and control events to manage workflow

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